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jessicaim [userpic]
challange 23-orientation jump ,push, fall spoilers in the post
by jessicaim (jessicaim)
at September 27th, 2009 (04:39 pm)
current mood: awake

 Challange 23
EP:4.01 orientation: jump,push fall im hoping this challange will bring the community back!

jump.jpg picture by jessica44


x you can use any images from jump, push,fall you do not have to use the provided images they were the best i could find
xyou may enter up to 4 icons
x you must be a member to enter

Images are from  http://www.tvscreencaps.com/thumbnails.php?album=583

000642.jpg image by jessica44 
001812.jpg image by jessica44 
 002662.jpg image by jessica44
003832.jpg image by jessica44
004572.jpg image by jessica44



Challange ends the 20th of october