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jessicaim [userpic]
Challange 24 A&B
by jessicaim (jessicaim)
at October 20th, 2009 (09:38 pm)

Thanks to the new members who have joined onto challange 24 dont forget to vote for challange 23here
iIappologise if this is not under a cut i keep having problems with cutting

Challange 24a


you may enter 4 icons
icons must be your own
no amimation but any other effects are fine
icons must be 100x100
You must use images/screencaps from the episode "Ink" i will provide some but feel free to find others

Click me for images

Challange 24b

this challange is for new charactors to season 4 you may use caps from any episodes so far
you may enter 4

Challange ends the 25th of november